Agenda 2n d’ESO


Reading skills

Reading is a significant linguistic skill that is worked steadily in the English subject.

Last week 2nd ESO students did a reading test. As it can be seen, all students were very concentrated. Day by day they are working hard to improve their reading comprehension!

Refugee children project

Second ESO students have been doing a project about refugees and the reality that surrounds them.

In English class everybody has been preparing an oral presentation about the refugee crisis. They have reflected on what it is like to be a refugee and which similarities and differences exist between their own lives and the life of children who are trying to escape from war.

Taking advantage of the discussion about this current topic, we have learned a wide range of new vocabulary at the same time as we have practised conditionals.

Finally, this project has been a great opportunity to understand better the problem and to raise awareness among teenagers.

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